Ch. Azygous I Hope You Dance


Ch. Donmar's Riverdance x Am/Can Ch. Lorenc's Shilo



Once upon a time, a friend of ours in NY called, asking if we were interested in having Shilo come live in Texas for a bit. Of course, Shilo was gorgeous, and was already a finished Am/Can champion, so we jumped at the chance to have this lovely seal/white bitch come live at Azygous. While she was in Texas, she produced 2 litters, one we co-bred with Teri Dickinson of Whirlwind IGs, and one that was bred/born here at home. Dirk was one of our puppies. (His sister is Tatum). Dirk is a beautiful red/white boy, and is just the sweetest, nicest dog we have ever had around here. He is just like having a teddy bear around.

He finished his championship easily and is now just hanging out, enjoying life in his new home with his new mom.

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